G&D Associates Educational Change Management Specialists

The change required to move towards a personalized model can be extremely complex, if change management is something
you are not familiar with we can help you. We offer a number of services that will provide you with the tools and
skills necessary to move your school or district forward efficiently and effectively.

From packages that will help build internal capacity in your organization, through change management professional development
and coaching for your senior leaders to full service tailored consultancy we have a range of services that will meet your
organization’s needs. The following is an overview:

Next steps

Step 1

Using your self-review report you can prioritize the areas that need attention; these include eight key areas for which we have provided recommendations. Click here for details.

Step 2
Self-help Pack

This is designed to provide you with the tools needed to manage change. Click here for details.  

Step 3
Vision and Planning Review

This can be purchased as part of the school self help pack or as a stand-alone service.  When you have written your vision and developed your strategic plan, send them to us and we will conduct a thorough assessment. Click here for details.

Step 4
Change Management P.D.

A one-day intensive change management course for senior leaders at district and/or school level. Click here for details

Step 5
Bespoke Consultancy

Contact us atcontact@gregorydenby.com to discuss your exact requirements. Click here for details.