G&D Associates Educational Change Management Specialists


Project Management

Change is inevitable and evolution is required of education today. We help schools, districts and organizations envision the future of learning and teaching by creating manageable pathways to shift paradigms and practices. Utilizing proven change management strategies and project management principles, we guide and support your organization’s evolution to meet the needs and demands of today’s, and tomorrow’s learners. Your success depends on evolving and we can help you manage the waves of change in these turbulent times.

Schools and universities are under intense financial pressure, making the need to manage projects to successful completion, on time and within budget, critically important. We offer project management expertise in the areas of Learning and Teaching, Professional Development, I.T., and Application Development. Our project managers deliver solid planning, deft execution, ongoing resource management and regular progress tracking. The cost of our work is affordable and usually far less than what you’ll save by planning and executing well.

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"Change leadership is perhaps the most critical aspect of effective technology adoption and implementation. Organizational change
is a well-researched field. However, most school leaders are
change management novices."
-Project RED