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Knoster Model

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Planning is drawn from the vision.  The first stage of planning is to identify priorities and break them down into logical steps with manageable time scales.  There are many factors that influence this stage, such as budget, skill levels, time-bound initiatives and technological developments.  When these have been analyzed it becomes possible to create a timeline. 

We would normally recommend that planning and vision focus on a five year period, experience suggests that any longer and it becomes difficult to judge appropriate development.  Any shorter and there may not be enough time to achieve the vision.  It is worth noting that although based on five years, both vision and planning should be re-visited on an annual basis.

Developing a coherent approach to vision and strategy requires the incorporation of several elements.  When all are present, positive
change occurs.  Our planning process covers ten main areas that include, amongst others: skills, milestones and measures, incentives, resources
and success criteria. When these are coupled with the vision they providea comprehensive strategy. 

The model (left) outlines the necessary elements and possible consequences if any are missing. 

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"Substantial evidence shows that technology has a positive financial
impact, but for best results, schools need to invest in the reengineering
of schools, not just technology itself."
-Project RED