Welcome to G&D Associates’ “Are You Personalized” Self-Review

To effectively prepare learners for tomorrow’s workforce, a more personalized model of learning must be implemented. Of course this requires that districts and schools must undergo a transformational change, not only in the delivery of academic requirements, but also in the structures and supports that will enable systemic change.

This self-review tool builds on an original work by BECTA and is designed to give school and district teams an overview of their current practice in relation to systems that are truly personalized. The information gained from this tool is meant to act as an entry point towards establishing a comprehensive, long-term vision in five core areas: Learning, Teaching, Leadership, Professional Development, and Wider Community. The self-review also serves as a measure of success for implementation of that vision as well as a road map for addressing identified needs throughprofessional development opportunities.

The review typically takes an hour for a core leadership team to complete. As soon as you register, an email will be sent with a link to your review. This allows completion over a number of sessions if needed.

When you have completed the review, the link will take you to a report that includes a link to our webpage. Here you will find a list ofservices that we provide to build capacity around personalized learning and enable you to transform your district and school into the premier site for innovative practice, stakeholder engagement, and college/career readiness.

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