G&D Associates Educational Change Management Specialists
As change management specialists, we provide a range of services designed to help you manage the complex change
brought about by the requirements of your grant. In our experience, the first year of a grant can be extremely difficult and schools
often struggle to make progress. Effective change management brings together the elements required to move forward quickly and effectively.



Charter Schools


To fundamentally change the learning experience for every individual, there needs to be an evolutionary transformation. This starts with
the development of a vision.
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Planning is drawn from the vision. The concept of planning is to identify priorities and break them down into logical steps with manageable time scales to complete your goals.
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Project Monitoring and Support

The main failure point for most projects is a stall in the delivery of the strategic plan. To ensure this does not happen continuous project monitoring is essential. This involves regular three stage health checks that ensure issues are addressed before becoming a problem.
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Rebranding/ Image Improvement

Far from just a change of visual identity, rebranding should be part
of an overall brand strategy for a product or service.  The main reason for a re-brand is to communicate a new message for an organization, alerting everyone that something has evolved.
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